How it all happened...

I love to start our story by saying that we met online. It’s technically true and it feels like such a classic Covid story. We actually met through mutual friends that just happened to be meeting via zoom because of the pandemic… and I also asked Avery out over Instagram. Our first date was a walk on Capitol Hill that ended with a picnic in Lincoln Park. What better place to propose than the spot of our first date, and where we first met in person?


Leading up to the proposal I began planting seeds early to throw Avery off the scent. We made “plans” with friends as an excuse to get Avery to Lincoln Park. Her best friend Anna pretended to be out of town. I planned a big belated anniversary dinner the night before. She never saw it coming. Anna and I mapped it all out, we knew which side of the park Avery and I would enter from, where Anna and the photographer would be hiding, what tree we would stop in front of for the best lighting, and so on . I was running through all of this and my lines in my head, but as soon as we got there, I saw Anna and our photographer across the park in their disguises, and I lost it all. As I tried to share with Avery all the wonder and joy she introduced into my life the past year, I was overcome with emotion and couldn’t get it out. I settled on, “ Avery Snipes, will you marry me?” And the rest is history. 


After the emotions and excitement of the proposal and engagement, I can only imagine how incredible our wedding day will be.  We are so excited to commit our lives to each other and God in front of and with you all. There’s no one else we’d rather share our lives and this day with than y’all. See you July


Take a peek below at our proposal video.